Arbitration Services

Has your Arena failed?
Have you been a victim of a bad build?

All too often your build expectations aren’t met.
Disputes that arise in relation to arena construction are common, with valuable time and money being wasted.

Why choose us?

As an expert in his field, Trevor will bring an independent professional assessment to help a client recover costs or fix/repair.

Our Arbitration service allows you to call on Trevor’s wealth of knowledge across the design, build and product categories.
From best practices to building procedures and specifications, we can arm you with the necessary knowledge when disputes arise.


Every project and subsquent dispute will have a varying degree of complexity.
Some are resolved fairly quickly where others may drag on for an extended period of time. We can provide an initial assessment of your existing commercial contract and evaluate based on our findings.
Having a third party review your contract will often uncover hidden pitfalls and provide you with strong grounds to move forward.

Our service is primarily aimed at helping you reach agreement and resolve differences prior to seeking costly legal advice.
We work to a standard hourly rate. Contact us for pricing.

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