Design & Build

All top quality arenas share common attributes; they start with a quality design and are constructed with the right materials.

At we understand not only the product but how it needs to perform for you and your horse. Careful planning is essential to ensure both horse and rider get the most out of the surface, especially when dealing with New Zealand’s varied climate and weather conditions.

Our team will assess and factor in soil composition, drainage, surface depth, local weather patterns, even how your horse behaves on the ground with different surfaces underfoot to give you the best result possible.

Repair & Maintenance


You have an established arena already? Something not right??

Left unattended small issues become big problems! The reasons are varied but without attention it could cost you $10,000s.

Whatever you do, don’t try to fix it yourself. Call us for a site visit and we will provide a full assessment and recommendation.

 Stables & Yards

Increasingly our projects have expanded into full equine facility builds with stables and yards being popular additions.

We have also teamed up with Formsteel to provide clients with even more great product options. Carports, Hay Sheds and more. Over 50 years providing Kiwis with their agricultural structure needs.

Arbitration Services

Click on this link and find out more: Arbitration Services

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