Q: What are the most common mistakes you see when building an arena?

A: The most common mistakes are

  • Poor location choice
  • Lack of rain removal within the design
  • Surface levels and slope and
  • Insufficient funds to build correctly.Taking shortcuts on design and build will end up costing more long term.


Q: What’s the best surface to use?

A: A quality surface should cater for your particular purpose. Surfaces can consist of mixed or single composite material to support hoof impact. There should be sufficient depth to protect the arena base and still provide a soft, medium or hard ride feel.It should cushion yet remain firm below the impact print while also providing good drainage.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Every arena is unique due to location, surface requirements, drainage and supplementary material preferences. As part of the design process, Trevor makes sure you understand what is involved and more importantly what options are available.


Q: What size arena should I build?

A: Build to budget and requirements. Common sizes vary from a modest 20mx40m to a massive 60mx80m. Again think about what you need the arena to do, not just now but into the future.


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